Friday, February 29, 2008

Berry Patch Munchkins

At the suggestion of a dear brother in Christ and friend, I'd like to lighten up a bit and personalize this Elderberry Blog with a couple of recent photos of our little Berry Patch Munchkins.
We love gathering the four together whenever we can. The first shot above is all of the Berry Patch girls, moms and daughters, playing together in a pool in Daytona Beach last spring. Then you see our four snow bunnies during a snow/ski gig out in Colorado this past week. The two Joyce sisters from CO are on the outside and the Robbins duo from TN in the middle. Obviously they were having a ball in the snow up on the slopes.

We'll try to duplicate this family togetherness in Disney World this next September. These little ones just can't seem to get enough of the Disney scene. And we love to see the glee on their faces as they share life together in Florida.
I hope you are not bored by seeing the joy that God has brought into our lives by the blessing of these four. You are likely to see more of them here in the future. ... Bill

Monday, February 04, 2008

Starting Over

This "blogging business" is still new to me. Back in 2004 I started a blog here; and with all of my online ministry and Eldership duties (and a chronic visual reading disorder), I found it difficult to get into the blogging habit. So, I discontinued. I have since deleted that first attempt; and now I'm restarting here. I can't guarantee that I'll go on with this; but we'll see where it leads.

Let me begin with an introduction. You can check out my profile to see who I am; but I'd like to highlight the priority of being called to lead a ministry called Battle Plan Ministry [link to website provided]. I'll leave it to you to check that site out and see what BPM is all about. But after "retiring" (I like the term "commencement" rather than "retirement") from a 33 year career in health care, I was called to found/lead BPM. Other than the priorities of being "PawPaw" to four beautiful little granddaughters and being an Elder in our church (they like to call me "ElderBerry" ;>), BPM consumes much of my mental and spiritual energy.

If you are reading this and you stand with me as a brother or sister in Christ, I pray that we all aspire to walk in the truth of Eph. 4: 1, as well as Luke 9: 23; and I also pray that we have found our purpose in Luke 4: 18 and Matt. 28: 19 - 20. But though I've provided hyperlinks to all those passages, many of you probably know them by heart anyway. At any rate, I do hope that this initial blog attempt (or maybe re-attempt) will get me restarted into the bloggers' culture.

We'll see ...

Yours in Christ ... Bill [aka, "Billy Bob" - "Elderberry" - "Willie B"]