Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2009 – Day 286.Oct 14 – Stepping Out

Passage of the Day: Acts 9: 10 - 21 … Acts 9 linked for study …

My Journal for Today:
There’s a great principle of faith on exhibit in this chapter, and it’s found as both Ananias and Saul (to be Paul) step out to learn more of God’s plan. When Ananias responded to God’s call for him to help the Christian hater, Saul, none of God’s instructions made much sense; but he stepped out in obedience anyway. And when he did, God showed him more. And when Saul stepped out in faith to God’s anointing call for his life, God revealed so much more to him … in fact even giving him sight back so that he could physically see where he was to go.

And that’s the principle! Stepping out in faith reveals more of what God has for our lives down the road. And beyond this, in this story we also see that obedience to God’s will always stimulates growth and deepens our relationship with God. In his devotional, Swindoll gives testimony and uses himself as an example of this obedience to growth principle. But if I may, let me use my own witness here.

When God called me to use the internet and email to reach out in ministry to Christian men who were mired in sexual sin, I balked at this calling. First of all I knew nothing about this new (to me) mode of computer outreach; and secondly it made little sense to me that just sharing my testimony of transformation would impact the lives of others similarly. But as I stepped out and learned to use the Internet to communicate with a few Christian men who seriously desired to shed the chains of internet pornography “addiction,” I simply shared how God had led me out of that tar pit of sinfulness; and as these few men did what I had done, God poured His enabling grace into their lives and they changed. And I was astounded how my simple obedience to use this new computer communication tool to minister in His Name was so effective. Therefore, BattlePlan Ministries was born; and God revealed more to me along the path of life as I stepped out in obedience to His calling and His will.

That’s the way God works, my friend. You sense God’s direction; and when you follow in faith, He reveals more of where to go. Think of how many in the Bible experienced this stepping out principle besides the Apostle Paul. There was certainly Abraham; and there also were Moses, Isaiah, Elijah, and Nehemiah, just to mention a few. All of them really didn’t know where to go when God called them; but they stepped out in faith; and God led them where they were to go … all walking in faith for God’s glory. I pray that we all can grasp that truth; and follow its premise practically in our own lives.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, help me to listen for Your calling and to step out in faith when I hear You. Amen

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