Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2009 – Day 341.Dec 8 – An Heroic Moment

Passage for Study: Acts 26 … Acts 26 linked for study …

My Journal for Today: In the chapter accounted today from Doctor Luke’s Book of Acts, we definitely read of a bold, heroic encounter between the rabble rouser evangelist, Paul, and the powers that be of that day, the Hebrew King and the Roman Governor. These leaders just didn’t know what to do with this man who would not stand down from his Christian witness, even though there were those in the Sanhedrin, the Jewish council of the day, who wanted Paul killed. And so, we see the Roman Governor bringing the Hebrew King to Caesarea to hear Paul’s testimony. And that’s exactly what Paul presented, … the facts and his testimony.

Paul, to the Hebrew King, simply recounted the truth and gave his testimony; and this is a model for how any of us should speak when we have an opportunity to share our Christian witness with others, especially skeptics. As I learned years ago, no one can argue with a testimony. It is a personalized story of truth; and it cannot be denied because it’s your story and no one else’s. And the skeptic cannot deny the facts of what happened to you. If you quote the Bible, though its truth, a skeptic can simply deny its relevance. But he/she will never be able to deny the relevance of something which happened to you.

So, Paul was able to boldly stand before Agrippa and tell his story, appealing to Agrippa’s knowledge of Jewish Scripture and his sense of reality, being a Roman citizen in front of a Roman Governor with Paul having an undeniable right to go before the Emperor in Rome with his case. And Paul’s witness was very compelling. As we read in Acts 26: 28, Agrippa was very close to surrendering to Christianity (go back and read just how close). But we don’t know just how much Paul’s witness that day ultimately did for God’s kingdom. We only know that it had an impact on two government officials of his day. Paul planted some powerful seeds that day; and that cannot be denied.

If I might have a writer’s license to share a similar moment in my personal life, I can recall a time when my wife, Elly, and I were asked by leaders in our church to give our testimony of deliverance to about 350 people at a large dinner. And we were asked to do so because the church leaders knew how God had transformed my life, saving me and delivering me from a past life of infidelity and sexual sin. And they also knew how God had restored and renewed our marriage. Well, we were hesitant to stand, “emotionally naked,” and tell the whole truth about our past, especially with our daughter being in the audience. But we did. And because we took that God ordained appointment to share our story, truthfully and openly, many others came to us and have been ministered to, allowing God into their lives and marriages to heal, restore, and renew their marriages as well.

Anyone can be a “hero” for God, when he/she is given a divine appointment to share a testimony or give witness to how God can change a life – your life. I pray that when God opens the door for you to be His witness that you’ll follow Christ’s command of Acts 1: 8 and be the Lord’s witness, remembering that God is not only with you; but He will give you the thoughts and words to say.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, may I boldly tell my story, which is Your story, whenever and wherever You lead me to do so. Amen

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