Friday, December 11, 2009

2009 – Day 344.Dec 11 – Anchor of Unity

Passage for Study: Acts 27: 27 - 32 … Acts 27 linked for study …

My Journal for Today: When you read through the short highlight passage from Acts 27 for today [verses 27 – 32], as Swindoll writes in his book, it’s pretty easy to find the personal or modern-day application. In this scene, the ship on which Paul found himself was about to run aground and sink; and the crew was going into sinful default mode, which is panic and escape anytime we humans get into life-threatening situations. But Paul knew that the only way the crew could make it, saving all the lives in a sinking ship, was for the crew to stay in the boat together.

And that’s the way it is for Christians today as well when our spiritual well-being is threatened by the storms of life and world is coming down around us. Right now there are many people – maybe you - experiencing dire financial pressures. Some of you who read this may have life-threatening illnesses yourself or involving dear loved ones. Others may be under intense relational pressures, … maybe a marriage which is breaking apart. And as with the men aboard that ship where Paul was in the first century, the normal human reaction is to bail out or to cut and run. But Paul saw from his messenger from God what we today need to know or remember during these intense storms; and that is to rely on the fellowship, love, and support of family, friends, and fellow Christians. Unity and togetherness are the keys to staying afloat when the ship is close to sinking.

Some years ago our church was a sinking ship. Being a relatively new ordained Elder at that time, our Board of Elders was split and our congregation was even more torn asunder. But now I look back on those stormy times with grateful fondness; because our Elder Board discovered the truth of surrendering to God’s Spirit, coming together with unity of purpose; and we also learned to surrender our direction to follow God’s lead no matter how bad things might seem. And our Church came together as well. Oh, there were some who jumped ship and left; but those who stayed on the ship of Central Church came through the storm and found a unity of purpose and Spirit-led direction as we’d never experienced before. And now our beloved church is riding the waves of Godly power and being steered in the Lord’s direction, … all because we discovered and chose to live out the lesson of Acts 27, … that we must stay together in the face of the storms of life.

I don’t know where your ship is heading in life at this time. Maybe it’s sailing in calm waters; or perhaps you’re in the midst of a storm. But, no matter where you’re headed in life, remember that you can travel life more effectively and powerfully if you do it within the togetherness of the body of Christ, working in unity in God’s direction and for His purpose with other Christians.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, guide the ship of our lives TOGETHER in Your direction … for Your glory. Amen

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