Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 – July 25 – Toying With God

Study from God’s Word Jeremiah, Chapters 1 – 3: 5 … Passage for Reflection: Jeremiah 3: 1 … NIV 1 "If a man divorces his wife and she leaves him and marries another man, should he return to her again? Would not the land be completely defiled? But you have lived as a prostitute with many lovers— would you now return to me?" declares the LORD.

My Journal for Today: The word picture from God, through God’s reluctant prophet, Jeremiah, to His people is clear. Their cultural/historical handling of divorce would have made it clear in this prophesy that God, hating divorce, would not allow one to divorce his wife, then her, taking another husband (who also set her aside), go back and take her again as his Bride. Yet, God with His infinite love for His children – for His Bride (now the church) – is actually willing to do just that, … to retake His multiply unfaithful Bride, the one who has prostituted herself in idolatry. That is the extent of God’s love and forgiveness. Yet we, who are the Bride of the ever faithful, ever patient Bridegroom, treat our God with such contempt and unfaithfulness.

How much God takes, yet He’s willing to take His Bride back to Himself if – and it’s a big “IF” – we as God’s Bride are willing to repent and to turn back to Him. That, of course, is the image we see emanating from another word picture story of the prodigal Father who lavishes His love on His unfaithful son who has returned home from lavish disobedience and disregard for the love of the Father.

How about us, as the Bride of Christ? How is the Church treating the Savior Bridegroom, Who has promised to return again to claim His Bride? How do you think our Groom grieves as He sees His waith Bride blatantly turning her eyes on the abominations of abortion, homosexuality, or other forms of idolatry? Yet even knowing that this wh0re-like behavior is going on, do we not have a Savior, a loving Heavenly Father, Who will turn to His Bride anytime she is willing to turn back to Him, or to His recalcitrant son who desires to return home? It’s no wonder that Jeremiah was a “weeping prophet,” when he saw how Israel and Judah were so willing to wh0re themselves and turn to idolatry and pagan practices.

Jeremiah must have almost gagged when he was given the prophetic words of God to His people that God would take them back if they were willing to turn their ways back to His. But that is the nature of our God; … and yet that is also our fickle nature, … being willing (and very able) to choose to turn away from the one true God, Who promises to return for His Bride when He, the Bridegroom, is ready for the wedding feast of the Lamb of God. The question is … are we ready for His return? Have we prepared our linens? Will the Bridegroom lovingly take His Bride to consummate the betrothal He sealed when He died on that cross to take away all our sins?

I believe God’s promise; and I’m ready. … Dear friend, how about you?

My Prayer for Today: Lord, … may I do all I can to prepare myself for the return of my Groom. Oh, I pray You come today! Amen

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