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July 1, 2011 … The Need for Assurance

Blogger’s Note for July Devotionals: Continuing to use John MacArthur’s devotional book, Strength for Today, Dr. Mac’s topic for July will be The Assurance of Salvation. Perhaps you’ve doubted your salvation or maybe you know an immature Christian who doesn’t understand the permanence of true conversion. At any rate, this month of study will help us all gain more confidence in our salvation; or perhaps it will lead you to put a stake in the sand and clarify forever your declaration that Jesus Christ is your LORD and SAVIOR.


Passage of the Day: 2nd Peter 1: 10a … Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure.

My Journal for Today: New month … new topic! And the topic is one which is always pertinent for God’s people … those who call themselves, “Christian.” This month I will be delving into the assurance of our salvation as Christians, again with the help of John MacArthur’s powerful devotional text, Strength for Today [if you have it, it will be covered during the month of July, as you might expect].

Above, in our text for today, we read the Apostle Peter’s strong exhortation [really, a Spirit-led command]; and he’s saying that we, as Christians, should not only have confidence in our salvation as believers in Christ, but we should also develop that assurance in the maturing of our faith over time. In other words, if you’re truly a Christian, you should find your assurance of your salvation growing as your relationship with Christ grows.

Actually, Peter’s friend and fellow Apostle, John, wrote an entire book in the canonized Bible, the Book of 1st John, to help Christians have assurance in their faith (see the theme verse for that book in 1st John 5: 13).

SCRIPTURE: 1st John 5: 13I [John] write these things to you who believe [i.e., Christians] in the Name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.

It is true that there are people claiming to be “Christian;” and sadly they have false assurance, primarily wrapped in their works or in legalism; … and this works-driven “fire insurance” mentality is sorely misplaced. Jesus spoke to this with one of His most gruesome prophesies (found in Matt. 7: 21 – 23) when he said that many who call Him, “lord, lord,” would never be allowed into His heaven.

That, to me, is one of the saddest sayings from the heart, mind, and mouth of Jesus. And this month my study will focus on how real Christians can have a rock-solid assurance for their salvation and can, as Peter exhorted in today’s verse, exercise that faith to give them hope and strength in any or all situations. This is certainly a worthy re-study for my mind and heart [since this is the six year I’ve used MacArthur’s devotional book]; and I would also want to be able to help other believers to have that rock-solid faith as well. I pray, if you’re reading/studying along with me in this place, that you have your anchor of faith and salvation attached solidly to Christ as Your Rock, the Lord, Jesus Christ. If not this will be a good place to be daily as we explore the assurance of our salvation. BUT, … if you are sure of your salvation, like me, this will be a good place to be daily … so that we can develop the Spirit-led knowledge from God’s word to help others have the same solid assurance we have in Christ.

So, if you’re reading this, come with me, and with the help of John MacArthur, and more importantly the direction of God’s word and His Spirit, we will pursue and find true assurance of our salvation in Christ. And after this month of devotionals I would hope that we all, in the strong assurance of our own salvation, can help other Christians find that ROCK solid knowledge that once they are born-again by their faith and God’s grace, they will spend eternity with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My Prayer Today: I know You, Lord; but I want to know You even more. Amen

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