Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011 … Answered Prayer

Passage of the Day: 1st John 3: 21 – 22 … 21 Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God 22 and receive from Him anything we ask, because we obey His commands and do what pleases Him.

My Journal for Today: If you’re a Christian, newly converted or a mature believer, you’ve likely experienced obvious answers to your prayer(s). If so, then you know how much this is a confirmation of God’s very real saving or enabling grace. We, as saved Christians, with a retained sin-nature, certainly don’t deserve God’s love and mercy. Yet, He provides it out of His grace; and when we experience it and recognize this undeserved providence in our lives, we have a huge confirmation of the reality of our salvation. And from today’s passage, a believer can read and understand the sequence of faith and obedience which produces God’s affirmative answers to our prayer.

God waits and wants to answer the prayers of His faithful and obedient children. He wants to provide those who seek His will and follow His ways with His abundance (see Heb. 11: 6, Phil. 4: 19, and John 10: 10). However, it is also true, according to our text today (i.e., v. 22), that only those who are sensitive to God’s will and obedient to His word will be blessed by His pre-ordained answers to prayer. Unfortunately, it is the case, all too often as obedient believers, we have not because we ask not (see James 4: 2).

Therefore, if you are a Christian who is “plugged in” to (i.e., abiding in) God’s will and following His way from His word, living faithfully in a close/abiding relationship with Christ, … ASK away; and in accord with God’s heart/mind, He will give you the desires of your heart (see God’s wonderful promise of fulfillment according to His will in Psalm 37: 4).

My Prayer Today: O Lord, You bless me with the answers to my prayers. Amen

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