Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 – August 10 – No Safety for Sinners

Study from God’s Word 2nd Kings 24: 6-9 [2nd Chron 36: 8-9]; Jer. 22: 24-30; 2Kgs 24: 10-12 [2Chron 32: 10 and Dan. 1: 1]; 2Kgs 24: 13-16 [Dan. 1: 2]; 2Kgs 24: 17-18 [2Chron 36: 10-11 and Jer. 37: 1, 52: 1]; 2Kgs 24: 19-20 [2Chron 36: 12, 13-16 and Jer 37: 2, 52: 2-3] … Passage for Reflection: Jeremiah 22: 24 … NIV 24 "As surely as I live," declares the LORD, "even if you, Jehoiachin, son of Jehoiakim, king of Judah, were a signet ring on my right hand, I would still pull you off.

My Journal for Today: As you can see by the historical readings I was led to read from God’s word on this date, if you read these passages, you would read of God’s justice and judgment being worked out as Nebuchanezzar was allowed to take Jehoiachin, the very young successor of his father, Jehoiakim, the King of Judah, captive … along with tens of thousands of Judeans. And in today’s highlight text we read just how serious God’s judgment was as God’s word uses the word picture of the King’s signet ring to signify just how wrong Judah’s actions had been in those days.

The signet ring for the king in those days was his honor and his seal of power. When a king in those times used his ring to seal a judgment or a decision, it was a “done deal!” There are a number of such instances in Scripture, as described by Dr. Smith in his devotional for today; … as when King Darius sealed the den where Daniel was place with his own ring so that the judgment against Daniel could not be altered [see Daniel 6: 9]. And in today’s passage, we read just how much God regretted the actions of Judah and their kings, saying that the Lord’s honor and “signature” had been besmirched to the point where God, the King of kings, would pull off His signet ring.

I hope you join me this morning, any co-readers here, in realizing what Dr. Smith helped me remember; … that Jesus Christ is God’s ultimate “signet ring” of both judgment and/or salvation. And anyone who comes under the seal of God’s Holy Spirit, the sign of His signature of salvation, has been sealed unto eternity and glory by the blood of Lamb of God. And anyone who does not carry this seal will be cast aside into hell by the sealed judgment of God.

As the saying goes, my eternal life is “signed, sealed, and delivered.” Because I have repented, confessed my sins, and received the seal of my Lord and Savior, my eternity carries the sealed signature of God’s Spirit. However, anyone who will not, as the king of Judah was so unwilling, repent and come to obedience to receive God’s signet grace of salvation will be cast aside into the judgment of eternal separation for God.

Oh, I pray that all who read this carry the signature impression of God’s Spirit on their souls.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, I come with humble gratitude for sealing my eternal life with Your blood, shed for the remission of my sin and the redemption of my soul. I pray that all who read this prayer are so sealed for eternity. Amen

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