Thursday, February 03, 2011

February 3, 2011 … God IS Spirit

Passage of the Day: John 4: 24 … [Jesus speaking] “God is spirit, and His worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth."

My Journal for Today: John MacArthur in Strength for Today for this month helps us to focus on some of the essential attributes of God as a Spirit and as a Person. And first we see that God is not some impersonal “force” as the movie Star Wars might have implied. No, God is personal; and we were created in the personal, interactive image of the Trinity – His triune being [see Gen. 1: 27]. And so, God, being a Person in the Godhead, thinks, feel, speaks, and acts. God is not an “IT;” … HE is a person; and in the Bible we see that God has revealed Himself in many forms to mankind, even as Jesus, the God-Man. However, in His fullness our Trinitarian God is Spirit (see today’s verse). See 1 Tim. 1: 17) …

SCRIPTURE: 1st Tim. 1: 17 - Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever.

Yes, it is true that God’s word has many instances of anthropomorphisms – i.e., appearances of God into human or animal forms; and there is the incarnation of Christ into the perfected God-Man. However, these should not confuse us about the spirit nature of God. They merely serve to help us figuratively, or in historical reality, to understand God’s personhood or His character.

For example, when we read that we can be sheltered under God’s wings (see Ps. 91: 4), we should know that that God is not a bird. Rather, in this word picture we see that God watches over and shelters His little ones (you/me) just like a mother bird would do for her chicks. This and other biblical pictures help us to know our God, Who is both Spirit and Person.

God’s word is the primary source for us to get to know the character, personality, and reality of God in spirit and in truth. Therefore, we all need to respond to the question, “How well do I really know the personhood of God?” And if, like me, you would answer, “Not well enough;” then it would behoove all of us to join the pursuit of the believer who authored Psalm 119, who took it upon himself to delve into God’s word and to get God’s word imprinted on his heart so that he could more intimately know his God.

I charge any who read this devotion to read through and meditate on Psalm 119 in its entirety; and then take it upon yourself to use the word of God to get to know our Lord more deeply than ever before. Below I’m going to submit a few statements of commitment [below in red] which I have made to God and to selected accountability partners. They are all submitted so that I can get to know my God in Spirit and in truth. I wonder how many who read this will be convicted or directed by God’s Spirit to join me in commitments like this, … commitments to action which will deepen your relationship with the Living Lord in His Personhood as a Spirit.

>>> I will delve into God’s word on a daily basis, devoting the first fruits of my time so that I may get to know God more intimately and personally.
>>> I will study the context of each verse or passage I’m led to read - historically, ecclesiastically, and personally - to more fully understand God’s truth and apply it to my life.
>>> I will journal the thoughts and/or ideas which I believe God is giving me from His word for me to know Him and re-shape me into His image … #1 – so that I will be accountable to God and others … and #2 - to prayerfully impact others who might read what I’ve been led to write, now or in the future.

My Prayer Today: O, again my Lord, how I plea to know You through Your word. Amen

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