Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011 … The Words of a Fool

Passage of the Day: Proverbs 10: 20 … The tongue of the righteous is choice silver, but the heart of the wicked is of little value.

My Journal for Today: As we’ve seen this month, according to God’s word and His truth, His wisdom begins when we reverence His Name and we live according to His standards. However, the fool of this world, as we noted yesterday, rejects Godly wisdom and lives by his own “natural” ways (see also Prov. 1: 7 and 1st Cor. 2: 14).

As John MacArthur points out in today’s Strength for Todayentry, “the fool” is quick to blurt out his own, selfishly considered opinions. And nothing gives biblical evidence more to this than in Proverbs 15: 2, where it says that “… the tongue of the fool gushes folly.” You’ve heard the fool in our world, especially when/if you know that he is spouting foolishness in direct contradiction to God’s word. The foolishness gushes forth from his mouth like projectile vomiting; and unfortunately, in our politically correct world, sometimes that folly seems to carry the day.

But as we read in James 3: 8 – 12, both bad and good water cannot come forth from the same spring; and the poison that comes from the mouth of the fool, if consumed, pollutes all it contacts. And the foolishness and poison from the hearts/minds/mouths of today’s fools are proliferating at an incredible pace, even from the pulpits of many of today’s churches or from televangelists who purport to be “Christian teachers.” These Satan-honoring words and ideas not only contaminate our world with the ideals they espouse; but sadly they condemn the fools who propagate them. That condemnation may not come from the world at this time (it seldom seems to these days!); but ultimately, as you can read in Prov. 16: 22, it will come from God. So, I pray that I’ll be aware of my own heart of foolishness and avoid its selfish desire to gush forth, restraining myself until I can speak truth from God’s mind.

As Christians we are blessed to have access to the very mind of God, especially being expressed by His Spirit through His word; and when we open ourselves to that fount of wisdom, sharing it with others in His Name and for His glory, our ideas and words express Godly wisdom and reflect His power (see Isaiah 55: 11).

Hence, we move on this month, and prayerfully for life, in our pursuit of God’s way through His word.

My Prayer Today: Speak Your word through my life, Lord! Amen

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