Sunday, November 06, 2011

November 6, 2011 … Searching for Wisdom

Passage of the Day: Job 28 [Yes, the entire chapter. Please read it – linked here!]

My Journal for Today:
I’m captivated by the word picture created by Job in Chapter 28, who, because of his dire circumstances became a desperate seeker after the mind of God (i.e., His wisdom). In this chapter, in his deep personal confusion, he pictured the search for wisdom by a man like himself as being like that of the mining practices of his day. If you do a little study on this, as I have, you’ll find out that ancient miners, seeking the precious gems and/or ore of the time, would dig deep vertical shafts into the rock or earth; and then they would lower themselves down on harnesses into the earth to dig further or to pick for the precious gems or ore which they sought. The shafts were barely wide enough for one man to fit into them; and the deeper the hole became, the greater was the risk for cave-in and death for the seeker. But at the same time, as the risk became greater, so did the chances that the miner would pull up products of greater value.

Job saw our search for wisdom like those mining practices of his day. We pick away, mining in the risky life of this world, digging and digging into our relationship with God, … trying to find what we can from God’s mine (of his mind) of great value, many times searching to find the most precious of all commodities, … jewels from the very mind or heart of God. The frustration of such a search is reflected in Job 28: 21, where Job writes, “It [Godly wisdom] is hidden from the eyes of every living thing;…” and if we seek for God’s precious gems of wisdom in the minefield of this world, we will never find the treasures He has waiting for us.

However, … after exploring the metaphor of earthly mining for God’s precious wisdom, Job came (at the end of Chapter 28, in verse 28) to a gem of wisdom, when he quoted directly from God, “The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.” Now, that is a jewel for which we’d be well served to mine in this life and eternally. One might call it a HOPE DIAMOND in God’s treasure chest of wisdom. As John MacArthur puts it in today’s devotional entry from Strength for Today, “Wisdom is found in a Person, not in a place.” Knowing and fearing (i.e., revering) God is the only productive mine where we can dig for true – Godly - wisdom.

True wisdom – the very mindset of God – can only be found in an exhaustive – and sometimes even risky – pursuit of knowing God Himself; and our understanding will be measured by the degree to which we obey His word and depart from the evil God desires for us to avoid (i.e., sin). And we have the richest mine field of all for digging for God’s wisdom available to us in the pages of His word.

Now, I ask myself, “Am I mining for the mind of God deeply enough?” It’s a question worthy of finding the precious answer … the jewels of Godly wisdom.

My Prayer Today: Help me to mine deeply enough to find gems of Your wisdom, dear Lord. Amen

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