Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 – Day 178.June 28 – Consistent Heroism

2009 – Day 178.June 28 – Consistent Heroism

Passage of the Day: 2nd Kings 1 …
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My Journal for Today:
Chuck Swindoll in his devotional entry for today likens the courage displayed by Elijah in 2nd Kings 1 to that of Martin Luther when he went to the Diet of Worms in 1521, being commanded to recant. In both instances neither of these heroic Christians had any thought for their personal safety. They were “men of God;” and they stood in the gap for truth and their faith.

Now, we know from the Bible and history that the outcomes were different for these two stalwarts of the faith. Elijah’s life was spared by God and Luther was burned alive by the church leaders in Worms. But they both, with no regard for their earthly existence, knew that God was foremost and His truth must stand above all false gods or teachings.

And from the living examples of these men, in their moments of truth, we must ask ourselves, given threatening circumstances, would or could we follow these models of heroism? Are we deep enough in our faith to stand for our faith the way Cassie Bernall is reported to have done when a gunman at Columbine High School put a gun to her head and asked her if she believed in God? And when she said, “Yes,” the gunman is said to have shot her dead. Do we have this kind of faith?

Cassie Bernall and Martin Luther, as well as Elijah, are living examples of being totally surrendered to their faith in the face of personal danger. And the former did so while becoming martyrs for their faith. Oh how I desire to have that kind of faith. And to that end I pray …

My Prayer for Today: Lord, may my faith not waver in circumstances where worldly pressures seem overwhelming. May I stand for You whenever or wherever I’m called to do so. Amen

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