Sunday, June 21, 2009

– Day 171.June 21 – Living Expectantly

2009 – Day 171.June 21 – Living Expectantly

Passage of the Day: 1st Kings 18: 41 – 46 …
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My Journal for Today:
I read today’s highlight Scripture passage and Swindoll’s devotional entry and I’m convicted to the core. In today’s scenario we see a refreshing, almost childlike Elijah, filled with expectation and faith. He sees a small cloud on the horizon; and even after three plus years of drought, he just knows that God’s promised rains are coming.

Swindoll points to the faith of child, asking his readers if we’ve ever heard a child pray. They have such boundless faith, praying for wondrous things and expecting them to happen. So Swindoll asks, “Do you live expectantly? Do the little things excite you? Do you imagine the improbable and expect the impossible?” And to those questions, with conviction, I must say, “No, no, and no!” I’m afraid all too often I’m the cynical and overly serious type; and I have a tendency to look for a cloud in every silver lining rather than having the eyes of expectancy we see in Elijah.

All too often I’m a “glass have empty” kind of guy; and I need to loosen up, … to chill out, … and to lighten up. I need to expect God to be God and to move in ways that will cause mankind to see that they need a God Who will shake things up so that we need Him and to see that He’s our only hope … our only answer.

Right now, in these times, we’re in the midst of a financial drought; and it may, like the drought of Elijah’s day, last for a long time. But what I (we) need to be doing is to look off into the horizon and look for a small cloud which will bring God’s promised rains. God has promised that he will bring the rains of His providence and provide for His children. And now it’s time for me to expect that he’ll do just that.

Look, my friends. There’s a small cloud out there on the horizon. Do you see it?

My Prayer for Today: Lord, You said that you’ll never forsake me. You’ve said that You’re going ahead of me. You’ve said that You’ll meet all my needs. And on all counts, You have been there for me. You are showing me the way; and You have provided all I need (and more). And now I look expectantly ahead to what You are going to do to bring glory to Your Name. Amen

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