Sunday, August 02, 2009

2009 – Day 213.Aug 02 – He’s In Charge

Passage of the Day: Esther 8: 9 – 14 … Linked here for study …

My Journal for Today:
Are you in the midst of a set of circumstances which seems indomitable or irrevocable? Maybe there’s a lawsuit pending against you or your business. Perhaps there is a law which stands against you. Whatever it is, it seems intimidating and the circumstances may seem totally out of your control. Well, that’s where Mordecai and the Jews found themselves; … until God intervened and His justice prevailed for the Jews.

The law of the King for the Medes/Persians could not be revoked. So, the previous edict that the Jews were to be eradicated had to stay on the books. BUT – notice how God turned the books around to nullify the previous law of the land. The decree, under the signet ring of the King, allowed the Jews to avenge anyone who came against them. In other words they could defend themselves; and if they prevailed, they could take the spoils of battle for themselves. And they also had the advantage that Mordecai was now placed in charge as the defacto prime minister of the land. The effect of this was the God’s remnant were protected and allowed to flourish in Persia.

So, what do we gain from this story? Well, if one set of circumstance is pressing against us, there is nothing that cannot be undone or turned around by our God. I’ve said it before; and I’ll repeat it here. God is God; and mankind stands at the behest of His grace and control. And as I write this, God’s word, from the pen of Paul in Romans 8: 31, bubbles into my mind where God says to us, "If God be for us, who can be (or stand) against us.”

So, my friend, even when things seem irrevocable; and the events of your life seem to be crumbling; we must wait on God and do all we can to seek His way and His will. And if it is God’s will to turn things around, He will. If not, He won’t; and in both instances God’s justice will prevail and He will be glorified.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, You are my God; and I yield to You in all things. Amen

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