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2009 – Day 219.Aug 08 – Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

Passage of the Day: Job 1: 1 – 12 … Linked for study …

My Journal for Today:
Okay; here we are. It’s day number four in my study of Job and Chuck Swindoll has us locked into a study of this same passage from the first twelve verses of, Job’s book. And he seems to be drilling home one overriding point that he wants his readers, whom he assumes are Christians, to hold onto; and that truth, in his own words, reads thusly: "We never know ahead of time what plans God has for us."

You know we accuse teenagers of being too “here-and-now” oriented. They think of themselves as indestructible, never imagining that anything bad could happen to them. And we see them making here-and-now decisions, not thinking ahead what bad things might happen. BUT, are we, so-called mature adults that much different? Job went to bed one night thinking that all was right with the world and with his faith in God; and within a few short days, because of this deal in the unseen heavens between God and Satan, he’s totally busted, losing everything. He didn’t have a clue that his life was to take a horrible turn and that his life, … the life of a man who totally trusted in his God, would be totally turned upside down without him being able to see it coming.

I woke up today, and I profess to totally believe in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And, my dear ones, I don’t anticipate anything really bad will happen to me today. I just came here to my quiet place to pray to my God and to read Chuck Swindoll’s devotional entry for today, which is titled “Live By Faith, Not by Sight,” which, of course, is a reference from the Apostle Paul in 2nd Cor. 5: 7 where he was reminding believers that if the worse happens and we suddenly lose our earthly lives, we may be absent in the body but we will be present with the Lord.

Folks, … Chuck Swindoll is absolutely right. I have no idea what will befall me today. Oh, I have plans. I have my “to do list.” But I really don’t have a clue what God has in store for my life in HIS BIG PICTURE. And I’m glad! How would I live by faith if I knew, without any doubt, exactly what was to befall me for the rest of this day or week or year? The concept of FAITH would be meaningless, wouldn’t it? And that’s one of the biggest lessons we glean from studying the life of Job; and we’ve only dipped into the first twelve verses.

We simply must live by faith and not by sight; because we have no clue what is going on in God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Oh, we know, from God’s word, the truths which we can bank on everyday to guide our lives; but as I’ve said by referring to God’s truth in Isaiah 55: 8-9 the last few days, God’s dealings with regard to our specific lives are unknown to us. And, really, … that’s as it should be so that I can simple TRUST GOD by faith – not by sight.

Chuck Swindoll, closes out his devotional today with these word. … "We never know what a day will bring, whether good or ill. Our heavenly Father’s plan unfolds apart from our awareness. Ours is a walk of faith, not sight. Trust, not touch. Leaning long and hard, not running away. No one knows ahead of time what the Father’s plan includes. It’s best that way. … [But] … We can be certain of this: our God knows what is best.”

My Prayer for Today:
Yes, Lord, I’m walking today, not by sight, but following You, in faith, knowing that You’re leading me no matter what I might encounter. Amen

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