Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 – Day 237.Aug 26 – An Arbitrator

Passage of the Day: Job 9 … Linked for study …

My Journal for Today:
Wow! After reading Chapter 9 of Job’s book, don’t you just want to reach out and tell Job about Jesus? Here is poor Job, who (in Job 8) has just been exhorted by his friend Bildad to repent because, as it was Bildad’s argument, Job must’ve had some sinfulness in his life for God to allow all that evil stuff to prevail in Job’s life. It’s a bad argument; but one with some truth in it.

And Job, here in Chapter 9, doesn’t necessarily disagree with Bilbdad. However, Job laments that he needs a mediator to be his advocate before God, especially now that he is in such a weakened condition. Job rightfully defines the power and majesty of God in this passage from Job 9; and he knows that he needs a mighty arbitrator to intervene on His behalf. And it’s here that I, as a Christian, would like to jump in and give him the same word that Paul gave to his protégé Timothy centuries later.

We read that treatise in 1st Tim. 2: 3 – 6 (linked here); and Paul tells Timothy about the only One Who could be Job’s mediator before God; but unfortunately the Messiah was not even in Job’s belief system at that time we read of in today’s passage. And poor Job is left to go to God on his own; and in the shape he was in at this time, poor Job doesn’t see any way that he could do that.

Now, we know from fast forwarding the tape that Job finds out that His God will intervene; and The Lord has not left poor Job dangling without a personal savior. God will show Job that He is not only the Judge of the evil in our hearts; but He is the redeemer of our lives as well. Oh, that Job could have known what I know from the truth of not only Job’s history, but also from the truth of my access to Jesus and His promise of John 14: 6, our Lord, being the “the way, the truth, and the life, “ .. the One Who will save anyone when that one comes to Him as The arbitrator and mediator before God’s throne of grace.

My friends, we do have THE Mediator Whom Job sought, …THE One Who can and will plead our case before God, the Father, … the Almighty and all-in-all Judge of all mankind. We have Jesus; and thankfully, when God looks at me, a wretched sinner, like Job, the One He sees is not me, but my Mediator, Jesus, The Christ. God doesn’t look upon my sin. He only sees the pure whiteness which comes from the cleansing of Jesus’ blood on my behalf. Oh, praise God for that!

Wouldn’t you like to have been there after Chapter 9 of Job to witness to this poor man; and tell Him of Your Savior, Jesus? Well, perhaps you know of a wretched sinner in your life, one who struggles with life and needs to know Jesus. We probably all do. Well, … we need to tell that lost soul about THE Mediator Who has saved us and given us all Eternity. Let us declare, to any Job in our lives, that we have THE ONE Whom has come to save us all from ourselves. He is the Man, the Mediator, … the Lord, Jesus!

My Prayer for Today: Lord, You bless me as my Mediator and the only One who pleads my case before The Father. Amen

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