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2010 – April 3 – Wearing the Ephod

Blogger Bill's Note: I am late posting this entry today because my computer has gone "haywire," and I cannot access internet from my PC. My laptop is also off for repair. Therefore, I had to go to my local library, where, PTL, I could get computer access to post this devotional entry and remain accountable as well as to have the satisfaction of sharing what God shared with me, through His word, this morning. Blessings in Christ and may you have a glorious Easter celebration!!! <'BB><


Study from God’s Word1st Samuel 22: 6 – 23; Psalm 52; 1st Samuel 23: 1 – 14; Psalm 63; 1st Samuel 23: 15 – 25; Psalm 54; 1st Samuel 23: 26 – 1st Samuel 24 – 22; Psalm 57 … Passage for Reflection: 1st Samuel 23: 9, 11 … NIV When David learned that Saul was plotting against him, he said to Abiathar, the priest, “Bring the ephod.” David said, “… Will Saul come down, as your servant has heard? O LORD, God of Israel, tell your servant.” And the LORD said, “He will”

My Journal for Today: God truly had interesting and sometimes seemingly occult ways of communicating with people He favored in the times of Saul and David; and the use of the “Ephod” was one of these ways of communicating His will to the likes of a David, who was in search for God’s ways of escaping Saul’s tormenting pursuit.

When you’re under the gun, stressed out, or almost desperate for God’s will or trying to find the LORD’S ways, how do you do it? What is your “ephod?”

Certainly Dr. Smith, in his devotional for today, is right when he discusses two methods of seeking God, methods which replace – for the post-modern Christian - what the “ephod” apparently was for David. And these two are prayer and the access to God’s truth through His word. And I believe it is a combination of using both of these “ephods” which can lead Christians to find God’s will. And a personal note of witness: What I’m about to give you – my “ephods” – have been powerful for me through all these years of my Christian experience.

In fact there are a number of passages of Scripture which I use, and rely upon, giving me guidance in seeking God’s will and His ways when I’m in a quandary.

This first is Prov. 3: 5-6, which I really hope you have memorized, declaring the truth that our trust in God will direct our paths in life. If we don’t trust God – especially through His word – we’re never going to determine His will or be able to follow His way. And so, in the light of that truth and Psalm 119: 105, which declares that God’s word will light my path when I’m in some degree of darkness, I know that I can go to God’s word and find HIS way.

I also know that because of the declared truth of 2nd Timothy 3: 16-17, that all of Scripture, as we know it ( both Old and New Testament) is God breathed and will give me all I need, in its complete truth, in carrying out every good work for God’s glory. So, admonished by that truth and James 1: 5-6, I doggedly seek out the mind of God which is found in His word, in order to use it as my “ephod” in the way David used that priestly vestige to find God’s will.

And one final scriptural truth – at least for me – has never failed me in helping to find God’s way for me through life; and that is Phil. 4: 6-7, which tells us to avoid worry, taking all things to the Lord in prayer, and seeking after His peace as the way for us to determine whether He has given His blessing to any leaning [i.e., direction] we may have. As I said, my trust in all of these Scriptural truths has always been my “ephod” in life; and I hope you have yours from God’s word and through prayer which guides you as well.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, Your truth lights my way; and You’re always willing to show me Your light when I seek it. Amen

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