Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011 … The Spirit Brings Understanding

Passage of the Day: John 16: 25 [Jesus speaking] … " Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is coming when I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father.”

My Journal for Today: In yesterday’s discussion of our relationship with our precious Holy Spirit, we were led, as in today’s verse, by the words of Jesus in His Upper Room Discourse, helping His inner circle of disciples (as well as for you and me) to see the infinite value of the teaching ministry of God’s Spirit in the lives of believers. As I related earlier, before I became a Christian I had studied much of the New Testament in college. Yet, as a non-believer at that time I had no personal insights into the personal application of God’s truths … not a clue! Yet now, when I read and study the same New Testament, God’s Spirit helps me to grow in the understanding of the truths that He has for me [yes, me personally].

My friend and fellow seeker, I don’t know how you feel about this very personal enlightenment ministry of the Holy Spirit; but it’s great for me! It’s the way I find my way through life; and that’s the way it is for all who’ve received Christ as their Savior/Lord [and I’m praying that’s you, too]. No, we may not always understand exactly what Gods’ word has for us when we study it. We’re human; and we can let pride or our sin-laden, deceitful hearts get in the way of Spirit-led understanding (see Jer. 17: 9). However, praying for God’s wisdom (see James 1: 5 - 6) and diligently seeking God’s purpose will yield powerful, fruitful results (see Isaiah 55: 11) as God’s Spirit takes my surrendered attitude and my seeking heart and shines God’s light on my interpretation of His truth (Psalm 119: 105). Link
The Apostle Paul makes this process clear in his epistle to the Church and to all Christians (see 1st Cor. 2: 6 – 16 - linked here for your study). Here God’s Spirit, through Paul, teaches that one who does not have God’s Spirit as their Teacher, not even the intellectual or the powerful non-believer, can ever expect to be able to plum the depths of God’s mind from Scripture (see Isaiah 55: 8 – 9). Quoting conceptually from Isaiah 64: 5, 17, Paul proclaims that without the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit, mankind just won’t - and can’t - “get it” when it comes to knowing God and His ways. However, Paul posits that the believer, if so motivated and surrendered, will be able to discern God’s ways and His will from His word; because, … having God’s Spirit in his/her heart, Christians have the very mind of Christ to guide our way.

And my fellow seeker, did you get that last truth?! (See 1st Cor. 2: 16) If you, as I am, are a disciple of Christ and a diligent seeker after His truth, we have the very mind of God in our hearts to be able to discern God’s light shining on our path. Is that not the best deal going?!

If we assume this to be truth – and I do by experience; – then all of us, as believers (i.e., as born-again Christians), need to trust God’s word and His Spirit-anointed teachers/preachers to show us His way through the maze we call life (see Prov. 3: 5 – 6). I don’t know about you; but it is exciting to me to know that if I dig into God’s word with the help of His Spirit, I will be able to understand the very mind of God and use His truth as a torch to light His path for my life (again see the truth of Ps. 119: 105).

That’s what I’m doing on this very morning with this devotional; and I hope anyone who reads this will appreciate the wondrous power we have in God’s Spirit to seek and to glean the mind of God. And may I take the liberty to link you to a wonderful song, performed by Kristyn Getty, which expresses what I’ve been trying to write here this morning. PLEASE LISTEN TO this YouTube piece as a prayer from all believers; and be grateful – as am I – for God’s ever penetrating, ever probing, and ever powerful ministry of truth through His word.

My Prayer Today: Show me Your way … from Your word, Lord! Amen

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