Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 – Day 255.Sept 13 – Who Can Understand

Passage of the Day: Job 26 … Linked for study …

My Journal for Today:
The title of my devotional for today, "Who Can Understand,” given by Chuck Swindoll, is in the last verse of Chapter 26; and it represents the high degree of humility and theological insight exhibited by Job, especially in the midst his dire circumstances. I once heard Dr. Adrian Rogers, the late and famous Baptist Preacher from right here in Memphis, say something to this effect: “What fills our heart is what bubbles and flows out when our life is shaken to the core.”

It’s obvious to me that Job’s heart was filled with God’s Spirit; and God knew that when He negotiated with Satan, allowing the Devil to take away all from Job, except his life. Yes, Job reeled from the loss and pain; and he became disoriented and confused, going to God with his confusion. However, verse 14 of Chapter 26 illustrates that through all his confusion, Job still had it together, essentially declaring to Bildad, “… what I’ve mentioned (about God’s mighty works) represents only the fringes of His ways.” My reader friend, you’ll have to go back and read Job’s staunch declaration of all the ways of God which are beyond mankind’s comprehension (see verses 6 – 13). Bildad had declared that Job must still have some wickedness in him for God to allow all these evil things into Job’s life, comparing Job to a maggot or worms (see Chapter 25); and Job had had enough of his friends’ distorted theology.

My friend, I pray (see below) that we, who have so much more of God’s truth and wisdom from His word than did Job, could be so filled with God’s presence and power in adversity that we could – and would – stand up for God’s sovereignty. That is the model Job presents for us, … that he would stand in the gap of untruth and distortions, defending The Lord despite the humiliation of defeat, loss, and pain.

These days we Christians find our culture being confronted by men like Job’s “friends,” people who spout half-truths and distorted pictures of God; and many others simply deny God’s existence, let alone His sovereignty. And what are we doing to stand up for truth? When we hear untruth, do we declare God’s wisdom to the world? Can I hear Christians these days loudly declaring that God is control? Do I hear us declaring and responding forcefully with the truth of Paul’s words in 2nd Tim. 3: 16, that all of the Bible is true and it is God’s inspired word for today’s “me first” generation? Sadly, I think not. … So let me pray. …

My Prayer for Today: Lord, help us. Help those of us who claim Your Name to stand in the gap for truth. Help us to be Job in the face of a Bildad. Help us to be filled with You, Holy Spirit, to the point we will react to untruth with Your light; so that we can shine that Light of truth into this very dark world. Amen

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