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March 1, 2012 … UnGodly Presumption Kills!

Blogger's Note: I continue on with my chronological reading plan through the Bible this year - now into Day 61 in March ...


Passage of the Day: Reference of Today’s Chronological Bible Study: Numbers, Chapters 16-17 … To study these chapters, go to this link -

Numbers 16: 1-5: … [Danger, Danger, Danger!!!] … PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE CHAPTERS – 16 & 17 FROM THE LINK ABOVE …

My Journal for Today: Today, as you can see above, I have not singled out any one segment or shorter passage to highlight my journal entry (i.e., blog) for this date. No, … if you’re following along with me, I’m asking that you take the time to read through these two chapters from Numbers, Chapters 16-17, reading about the rebellion against Moses by a few in the tribe of Levi who felt that Moses and Aaron were wrong in following God they way they had; and these Levites sincerely wanted to assert themselves as the new leaders of God’s people in this attempted coups.

Well, as you will read, as I did this morning, Moses, in a scenario somewhat reminiscent of Elijah’s challenge of the priests of Baal, which we’ll read about later this year, challenged these recalcitrant Levites to a spiritual dual; and the results were disastrous for the rebels, whom God opened the earth and swallowed them up.

As you will read in Numbers 16, these Levite rebels presumed – and I believe sincerely so – that they could (and should) take over the role as God’s representatives to the people. They felt that they had a better way of taking the role of prophet/priest to God’s people than had Moses and Aaron. And what was their motivation to ignore all that God had done with Moses and Aaron as God’s representatives? Well, the answer to that is found in one word … GREED!

These men, from their own, personal dissatisfaction and desires, felt they had a better way of shaping law and allegiance to God than had Moses; and so we read of the dual in the desert, where God, being God, showed these Levites that rebellion against Yahweh doesn’t pay. Lesson: Don’t mess with God’s purpose and plan, because as my title for today’s blog reports – “Ungodly Presumption Kills!”

You know, what these foolish Levites did back then in Moses’ day, trying to intercede for God in their own way, reminds me of what many false teachers are trying to do today, … i.e., false teachers like those in the so-called “word of faith” movement who are perpetuating what is sometimes called “The Prosperity Gospel.” These fools, preachers like Bennie Hinn, Joyce Meyers, John Hagge, and others, have come on the scene with their sincerely false interpretation of scripture, saying that God desires to financially prosper those followers who see God’s truth the way they see it. And my friends, they are just as foolish (and potentially self explosive) as were those men who challenged God’s truth and Moses in Numbers 16.

One day, and only God knows when and how, these rebellious, greedy false teachers today will be consumed in some way by the God they falsely represent. It may not be with them being swallowed up by an earthquake; but God is God and they are not! And the attempt of some of these charlatans to get rich and powerful in the arena of real Christian ministry is going to consume them. And unfortunately many who follow these word-of-faith teachers are going to be consumed as well just as did the followers who went against Moses which we read about in Numbers 16.

That is why we Christians today need to become like the Bereans (see Acts 17: 10-15) who carefully used God’s word, as they knew God’s truth, to discern whether the Apostle Paul was teaching the truth or trying to rebel against God. And they were able to discern that Paul taught God’s truth and was worthy to follow.

We need to ask ourselves if we’re following leaders like Moses or Paul, who teach the truth and follow God, teaching and preaching His word. And the only way to know if we’re on the right path, following God’s way, is to be well grounded in God’s word, which is now our road map to the promised land in this New Covenant era.

Therefore, I pray we’re all discerning followers of God’s way from God’s word.

My Prayer Today: … Lord, keep us on Your path to righteousness and Your promised-land by our following Your way and will from Your word. Amen

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