Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21, 2012 … Songs for Salvation

Passage of the Day: Reference of Today’s Chronological Bible Study: Deuteronomy, Chapters 32-34 … To study these chapters, go to this link -

Added Passage of the Day: Reference of Today’s Chronological Bible Study: Deuteronomy, Psalm 91 … To study thus Psalm, go to this link -

My Journal for Today: Yesterday, if you were with me in Deuteronomy 31, the last verse (i.e., vs 30) announced that Moses was about to sing/recite a song; and that song is found in its entirety in Deuteronomy, Chapter 32, to which you’re linked above for study. And at the end of Deut. 32, we read of God’s charge to Moses just before he was to die; and that is to go up to the peak of Mount Nebo and look out from what is now the country of Jordan westward into Israel; and for Moses and Joshua to survey visually where God was going to take His chosen ones … into their promised-land. I can just imagine that looking out over that landscape [which I’ve seem myself and captured in the photo below], Moses was inspired to write the song in Deut. 32 as well as the very encouraging words in what is generally attributed to him in Psalm 91, which is also part of my chronological reading for today.

I hope you take the time to go back and read the lyrics in these two songs, realizing that they were penned, with God’s Spirit-led inspiration, by a man who had gone through all of 120 years in his life, being prepared to lead God’s people out of Egypt, and then through all those challenging times in the wilderness with those grumbling people, right up to the Jordan river, where Moses had to lament that he would not be able, by God’s plan, to take even one step into that glorious promised-land. But when we read Deut. 32 and Psalm 91, we read songs of remembrance, psalms of the joy of God’s salvation, and great songs of God’s expectation and protection for His people.

When I was up on Mount Nebo a couple of years ago; and I was able to see (and photo) the glorious expanse of God’s promised-land [see below], I had a great sense of admiration for the faithfulness, loyalty, and “stickability,” which is my word for the courage of a leader of God’s people to pursue and follow God’s plan at all cost. And seeing that expanse of the land in Israel, I had to bow to a man, like Moses, who humbly stayed with God’s will even when he felt inadequate and the people’s overwhelming grumbling would have dissuaded almost any Godly leader.

And also in looking out at the promised-land, which God’s people still have not claimed completely, and thinking of Moses looking at the same scene, it helped me to see that there’s still so much more out there ahead of me in this life until God chooses to bring me into His final promised-land, … heaven. And Moses’ songs help me to be uplifted and encouraged no matter how much in this world can be discouraging.

I hope you’re uplifted in this way today, … especially as you read Moses’ songs of salvation and promise.

My Prayer Today: … Heavenly Father, guide me to Your great reward in the promised-land you have for me ahead. Amen

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