Thursday, March 02, 2017

March 2, 2017 ... He Understands and He Cares

Berry Patch Devotions in 2017 - Day 61 

Devotional Song: … GO TO THIS LINK …  Please take the time to take in a YouTube video of images and lyrics from Wayne Watson singing … Friend of a Wounded Heart … poignantly singing of how we have Someone who always cares and will always be there for us … our King Jesus, … Who ALWAYS meets us where we are.

 {Imagine being nestled and hugged in the arms of Jesus}

Highlight Verse[s]: Hebrews 2: 18 [NLT] … 
18 For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted. 
… He knows our pain!!
Highlight Passage [context]: Hebrews 2:5-18 [NLT] … USE THIS LINK
… Jesus can exercise the ultimate in empathy for our sorrows because tho fully God, He was fully man and experienced all of our pains.

Reference Passage #1 [NKJV] : … Hebrews 13:5 [NLT] … USE THIS LINK
… We don’t have to fear before men because we worship a God Who will never leave, nor forsake us.

Reference Passage #2 [NKJV] : …1st Peter 5:5-7 [NLT] … USE THIS LINK
 … When we humble ourselves before His throne of grace we come to One Who knows our pain and cares for our sorrows.

My Devotional Journal: Today's ODB author, David McCasland, told of the funeral of the cartoonist who created the classic Charley Brown comics. The ODB author wrote: At the memorial service for Charles Schulz (1922–2000), creator of the beloved Peanuts comic strip, friend and fellow cartoonist Cathy Guisewite spoke of his humanity and compassion. “He gave everyone in the world characters who knew exactly how all of us felt, who made us feel we were never alone. And then he gave the cartoonist himself, and he made us feel that we were never alone. . . . He encouraged us. He commiserated with us. He made us feel he was exactly like us.” 

Do you realize that when we surrender our lives and our cares to King Jesus, we can - anytime - fall into the caring arms of THE ONE Who knows our pain and can share in our sorrows?
{AGAIN, close your eyes and imagine a big hug from your friend, King Jesus! - See photo!}
From today’s highlight text, we know that our Lord lived it all and even died for our cares; and when we come to him - as you may have right now - we come to a God, Who, as it says in the reference texts above, cares deeply for us and will never leave us nor forsake us. As Wayne Watson sings in today’s linked song, … Jesus is the “Friend of a Wounded Heart.” 

My Prayer Today: Heavenly Father, … Lord, I bring my cares to You today because I know You care for me. … Amen

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