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2009 – Day 181.July 1 – Mantle of Power

Blogger's Note: Two more days in my study of Elijah, along with Chuck Swindoll, before we move on to a study of Esther, which I do anticipate with great interest.

2009 – Day 181.July 1 – Mantle of Power

Passage of the Day: 2nd Kings 2: 9 – 13 …
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My Journal for Today:
Swindoll posits an interesting and powerful observation as we see Elijah exit. He writes, “Exit Elijah. Enter Elisha. [And] God’s plan never missed a beat.” And we need to recognize, as Swindoll points out, that God has never lost out or been deterred by the loss of one of his Saints in history. Through the ages God keeps raising up His men or women to take the mantle of leadership or ministry to this world; i.e., … to carry the Great Commission forward.

Even Jesus proclaimed that greater things would happen for God’s kingdom when He left the earth; and that’s exactly what happened. And we see it even today. Some may wonder how God’s kingdom can do without a Bill Bright, the founder and leader of Campus Crusade; but this powerful ministry has grown in scope since the death of the man whom it is said brought the gospel to more people than anyone. What will we do when Billy Graham dies? Well already we see his kids are taking up the mantle of the gospel to many thousands in various crusades. Franklin Graham and Ann Graham Lotz are now preaching to mega thousands with two crusade organizations; and they are two and Billy was just one.

If we think God is going to be thwarted in carrying His message to a lost world, we have a small idea of our very BIG God. And I have experienced this in my life as well. I was blessed and privileged to study under a man of God for a dozen years; but when his wife became ill some years go, my mentor had to move on to take care of his beloved bride; and he charged me to begin mentoring others. Dr. Bob G. had mentored a number of lesser mature Christians, discipling them into biblically sound messengers of the gospel; and now I, along with the others Dr. Bob mentored, mentor others and share Christ whenever and however we can.

That is how God, our Heavenly Father, takes one man like an Elijah, or an Apostle Paul, or even His Son, Jesus, and He passes the mantle of power from one on to others – many others - and so it goes onward in the multiplication of the Gospel. And Swindoll asks a couple of key questions at the end of his devotion for this day. He asks, “Whose mantle have you received? And what are you doing with this inherited influence?” To this I would ask if we who’ve been discipled are discipling others. We need to take the mantle of the Gospel and take it forward in Christ’s name for God’s glory.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, use me to carry Your mantle of power to as many as I can in this life. Amen

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