Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 – Day 193.July 13 – Cultivating Character

2009 – Day 193.July 13 – Cultivating Character

Passage of the Day: Esther 4: 9 – 14 …
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My Journal for Today:
In many narrative stories in the Old Testament we come to one of those fulcrum moments upon which the life of the protagonist rests. One decision and all of that person’s life and character are tested by that one moment. So, what whould Moses’ story be like without that moment when he raised his staff before the Red Sea; … or when Elijah had all those prophets of Baal breathing down his neck and he was about to prophesy that fire and rain would come from his God; … or when David marched out on that field of battle to face Goliath? And here we have that one fulcrum moment in the life of our heroine, Esther.

And of course, you’ve probably read the story; and we know what Esther did to stand before her new husband, the King of Persia. But take a moment to put yourself in Esther’s shoes in today’s crucial moment in her life. And for this crucial decision, Mordecai knows exactly what he’s asking of the little girl who is now the queen, the girl he raised as his own daughter. He’s seen her grow up into the strong young woman she now is in this moment of truth. Mordecai knows Esther to her core, this child of The Covenant he raised. And like any parent when his child is faced with a momentous decision, he gives Esther clear insight into who he knows she has become and what she needs to do. And somehow, in his heart-of-hearts, Mordecai knows that Esther has come to that moment for which God in His infinite plan has prepared this one child of His for His crucial moment in history.

And we’ll go on with the story as we study more in the life of Esther and how her life is reflected in much of our own lives. BUT … for now, let us just be reminded that we all are being put through the tests and trials of life so that God can prepare us to be instruments of His glorious plan; and we need to accept that God has a plan for us; and sooner or later, He is going to lead us to that place in life when we must make a decision … one of those fulcrum moments, … when we must decide. … Are we going to do the RIGHT thing or are we going to do the comfortable thing which seems logical but goes against what our God asks of us.

How will I respond today if I am tempted to do the easy thing but know I should do the tough thing? Will I stand in the gap for life if I know that my boss is staunchly pro-choice? Will I voice the Godly but politically incorrect opinion and risk ridicule if the world around me is shouting for the legalization of gay marriage? There is going to be a place and time, God’s ordained fulcrum moment, when we may be called upon to be God’s agent and the one He has prepared for us to make a tough choice for His glory.

Will I be ready? Will you?

My Prayer for Today: Lord, help me to be strong and choose YOUR way! Amen

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