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2009 – Day 185.July 5 – Mundane and Miraculous

2009 – Day 185.July 5 – Mundane and Miraculous

Passage of the Day: Esther 2: 1 – 7 …
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My Journal for Today:
As a point of emphasis from these first lessons in the life of Esther, today Chuck Swindoll provides a nice little three-point sermonette on God’s sovereignty in the face of man’s mundane existence. And his overriding point, again, is that God will not be thwarted by mankind’s propensity toward stupidity and mundane selfishness.

Quoting Swindoll’s first point, "God’s plans are not hindered when the events of the world are carnal or secular.” And we saw this early in the life of our heroine, Esther. Here a remnant of God’s people, staying behind in Persia, are caught up in the intrigue of social politics in the life of a king and his marital problems, and God uses these carnal events to bring Esther to a place where she will ultimately influence the king and save God’s people (yes, I’ve read ahead). Swindoll’s point … No matter how carnal things seem, God is doing His thing.

Secondly, Swindoll points out, “God’s purposes are not frustrated by moral or marital failures.” Being our Heavenly Father, God’s grace always has the long-term good of His people in mind. That’s the essence of the truth expressed in Romans 8: 28, which I hope you have deeply embedded in your heart and mind. And so, as we see marriages crumbling at a rate in the church the same as the world, it’s somehow hard to see that God is working in life to send the message that He hates divorce. But in the long haul, God’s will with regard to marriage and morality is going to be heard and His will WILL be done. It happened that way in the days of Esther; and it will happen here and now as well.

Finally, "God’s people are not excluded from high places because of handicap or hardship.” Right now, at this point in history, we see unGodly leadership vaulting into power, and the actions of our government may seem anti-biblical or even immoral; but make no mistake, God will not forget His remnant; and the current carnal ways will ultimately bring God’s best to the fore. It was the case with Esther; and it will be the case – praise the Lord – in these secular times as well.

Swindoll again, “God’s hand is not so short that it cannot work; nor is his ear so heavy that it cannot hear.” We many not sense His presence; but Deut. 31: 6, 8 in the Old Testament as well as Heb. 13: 5 in the New proclaim that God is with His chosen; and He will always be going ahead to pave the way for His glory. We may have trouble seeing Him; but He’s there. We may have trouble sensing Him; but he’s listening. We may have trouble serving Him; but He’s glorified when we do, no matter how much the world may mock or stand in the way.

So, we keep on keeping on; and we let God be God because we are not. Again from Luke 9: 23, our Lord, no matter what things may look like here on earth, calls for us to follow Him; and so, we do … and so, we must! Oh, how I pray that we are all seeking His way and will from His faithful and truth-filled word; and we march forward, following His light into the darkness. He’s out there; and we are called out to shine his light and be His salt.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, help us! Amen

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