Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 – Day 204.July 24 – God Notices

Passage of the Day: Esther 6: 1 – 14 … Linked for study …

My Journal for Today:
Well, when all seemed lost in the milieu of hatred Haman was spreading around, Mordecai becomes a model of Godly patience. And we don’t find Mordecai reacting as most of us would react to this threat to his life. As Swindoll points out in today’s devotional, Esther’s dear daddy figure restrains himself from any bitterness or even situational anger. Swindoll writes, “Through all that happens to him, Mordecai never becomes a man of vengeance. He never tries to get back at Haman, even when he has the opportunity, … even when he had Haman in a very vulnerable spot.”

And I have to ask myself, … would I be faithful enough, believing our God is in control, to respond as did Mordecai? Or would I spill the beans to exact recompense at the first opportunity if someone had done me wrong? Mordecai knew that God was watching all that had transpired; and He had faith that God was going to be the Covenant God Whom he knew and loved. And so he waited on God to do business; and as we read, God did exactly that.

At this point in his devotional entry, Swindoll quotes a pertinent NT passage from Hebrews 6: 10, which states, For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister. We must remember, when circumstances seem to be crashing down around us, GOD NOTICES. And as I’ve quoted often in this study of Esther and Mordecai from Deut. 31: 8, the Lord has already gone ahead in our life to show His unfailing love for those who diligently seek Him (as also expressed in Heb. 11: 6).

So, today am I going to be a Mordecai and wait on God to do business with this world, which seems so dark and malevolent? Can I be a shining light for my God as was Mordecai in his day? God notices.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, may I shine Your Light, as You command me to do, no matter how dark things seem. Amen

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