Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 – Day 14. Jan. 14 – A God Who Watches

Study from Genesis 31 – 33; Passage for Reflection: Genesis 31: 49-50 … NIV It [the place where Jacob and Laban made their covenant] was also called Mizpah, [means “watchtower”] because he said, "May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other. 50 If you mistreat my daughters or if you take any wives besides my daughters, even though no one is with us, remember that God is a witness between you and me."

My Journal for Today: In our western world you might hear kids say, witnessing to something they know to be true, “Cross my heart and hope to die.” Or you may hear adults say, “As God is my witness.” Well, in the chapters I read today, a biblical story illustrates the truth of our God being our ever present witness.

When Jacob and Laban, who had been at odds, came together to mend their ways, they formed a covenant; and they sealed that covenant with a sign, as was the custom them. Their sign was pile of rocks, a symbol of a tower, which Laban labeled, ”Mispah,” which means “watchtower.” Today when we establish modern-day covenants we also use signs of the sealed agreement, such as a wedding ring, a signed contract, or a hand shake, all of which are mutually agreed upon signs that the agreement will be faithfully carried out by both parties. Unfortunately, a hand-shake, a signed contract, or even a wedding ring as a sign of modern-day covenant, does not hold the weight of long-term commitment in our culture that it once did.

Do you have any “mispahs” in your life, signs of the covenant which you have made with God to be your Watchtower? If you’re a Christian, you certainly should have made one; and that is to surrender your life to the Lordship of Christ, acknowledging His shed blood and Your repentance of sin as well as your reception of His saving grace. And now that you’re a part of the NEW COVENANT in Christ, what is your “Mispah?” Do you have some sign which has helped you seal this covenant with the Lord and remember that God is your Watchtower?

Mine is the verse of Scripture God used, Philippians 4: 13 on 4/13/83, when the Holy Spirit broke me to a place where I could see that He was the only way I was ever going to find the spiritual strength I was seeking; and I’m convinced that God used that date … 4 – 13 … as His sign in the covenant. Therefore, the number “13” is ever before me, helping me to remember that God is my “Mizpah,” my watchtower; … that He is ever watchful with His enabling grace. And any time, in moments of weakness, Phil. 4: 13 often comes to my mind to remind me that God’s grace is always mine as long as I humbly receive it, knowing that God is ever my “Watchtower.”

Do you have a sign of your love covenant with God? Do you move in life, ALWAYS remembering that God is your Watchtower? Do you remember that He always sees your choices; and that He’s always there for you, desiring to have a deeper relationship with you (go back and meditate on Rev. 3: 20)? My friend, I hope you have a “mizpah” in your life to help you remember that God is our Watchtower.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, YOU are my Watchtower; and I will ever have the “mizpah” of Phil. 4: 13 to be a light in my life, drawing me ever closer to You. Amen

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