Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 – Day 24. Jan. 24 – Living With Purpose

Study from Exodus 9 – 11; Passage for Reflection: Exodus 9: 16 … NIV But I [God] have raised you [Pharaoh] up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that My name might be proclaimed in all the earth.

My Journal for Today: I am not an accident of nature! … And just writing that truth is both satisfying … and a bit terrifying. It’s satisfying because, like Pharaoh or Moses, I have a role to play as God works out His plan for mankind and the world; but it’s terrifying because I don’t want to be an antagonist in God’s historical drama, which we call life. I want to be one of His protagonists.

I’m on the side of God in this cosmic drama; and I’m rehearsing to play an eternal role, which has me being a friend and servant of God while I’m here on earth. Oh, wow; it’s exciting to think that God allowed me to go through all those years of sinful struggle for a reason – HIS REASON. All those years of grinding, sinful hedonism, where I played the role of the fool was for God’s good purpose. I hate looking back on what I perpetrated on others during that phase of my life; but now I see that God had other roles He want to morph me into; and God’s script would have me playing multiple roles of loyal husband, Godly father, determined parent, humble church Elder, and also as a Minister-leader of a ministry which gives our Lord glory by the mission of service God has written for us.

F. LaGard Smith asks a very pointed question at the end of his devotional entry for today. His point is that we are not cosmic accidents, … our lives in this world. Therefore, my devotional author asks, What might God show me (us) of His power even today, and what unique opportunities will I have to proclaim His mighty Name? And I have certainly been mulling that one over as I have meditated on this incredible story of God using Pharaoh as the lead antagonist in this drama of deliverance. And then there was Moses, God’s protagonist, who was groomed for years in the deserts of Midian to be the lead in this drama where God’s power is on display as He leads His children out of bondage.

This weekend I was privileged to witness many men become freed from the bondage of sin, coming to know Christ as Savior, and prayerfully their Lord as well. At a Christian Men’s Conference in Jackson, TN, scores of men gave their life to Christ; and other Christians surrendered their hearts in commitment to walk free from their own chosen bondage to Satan, the world, or the flesh. And Bill Berry, born 66 years ago in Indiana, who went through what seems like an eon in the tar pits of sin, was led by God’s loving and merciful hand to be a part of the speaking team which brought God’s message of deliverance to these men. Yes, Satan was there to fight against us as God’s emissaries; but for the men who chose to follow Christ, either for the first time in their lives or in recommitment, God parted the Red Sea for them, and these men walked free to live out God’s purpose for their lives.

So, my friend, could I hear a jubilant “HALLELUJAH!” from you; and would you join me in realizing that our Lord has a purpose for you and for me to accomplish, which is for HIS glory – yes, even today! So, let’s go on stage and play out that role, being His servant in the drama we live in this world, which we call LIFE.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, You’ve freed me to grow into a new role as Your servant, helping to free others from the shackles of sin. May I play my role exactly as You have written the script. Amen

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