Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 – May 26 [Wed.] – Pure Passion

Study from God’s Word Psalm 127; Song of Songs [or “Song of Solomon”] … Passage for Reflection: Song of Songs 3: 5… NIV Daughter of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field; Don not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

My Journal for Today: What do you do with Solomon’s love song, the “Song of Songs?” There’s been a lot of ink written about the meaning of this rather interesting piece of poetic wisdom literature, … a lot of speculation about it’s real meaning. To the Jews it was probably an allegory about the love relationship between Jehovah and his chosen people. To the New Covenant Christians it could be an allegorical expression of about the love of Christ for His Bride, the Church. Or it could have been Solomon, again writing for his younger family, a poem, expressing the true nature of God-given passion in the love relationship we know of as marriage.

But today, Dr. Smith, my devotional shepherd, discusses a strong point of emphasis that sexual or sensual passion must be bridled so that it can be blessed by God to pour forth its completeness in the lives and love expressions of two lovers whom God is pouring out His grace of love as being expressed by the two in the love language of sexual expression. Sexually expressed love, as God designed it, was not fashioned to be a “wham-bam-thank you, Ma’am” experience. No, sex between two God-anointed lovers is to be a work of art which takes time to be fashioned. As Dr. Smith puts it, “… the lesson [from Song of Solomon] is that a rush to physical intimacy kills the goose of emotional and spiritual intimacy that lays the golden egg of sexual fulfillment.” And he goes on to posit, “True love waits for pure love, … and pure passion,” which I think is aptly expressed by Solomon in his erotic, Spirit-inspired poem.

Satan and the world, especially our modern Hollywood culture, have done a “bang up” (if you would pardon my crude expression) job of perverting the image of “love making;” and have successfully extracted the context of the God-created sexual expression of love from its proper, God-anointed context, which is in the marriage between one man to/for one woman for life. Sex is to be, as properly expressed in the Solomon’s Love Song, a carefully crafted and sensually fashioned love experience; and that takes whatever time God would have the called-out couple need to express to one another what God has given them in their two bodies to become one.

And when that time is chosen and fashioned in the way God intended it, the Song of Solomon expresses just how beautiful that expression of sensual love can be for two intended to become one in the flesh. We all need to read and meditate from the one piece of sexually inspired literature which can/will produce God’s best for sex in our lives. Aren’t you glad God loves sex; and that He designed it so that we can love it too.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, thank You for sex the way You designed it. Amen

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