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April 20, 2012 … Leaders Lead By Following God

Passage of the Day: Reference of Today’s Chronological Bible Study: 2nd Samuel 1-4 … To study these chapters, go to this link -
Highlight Reference Passage : 2nd Samuel 3: 1-5 … To study this passage, go to this link -
Highlight Reference Passage #2 : Deuteronomy 17: 14-20 … To study this passage, go to this link -
Highlight Reference Passage #3 : 1st Timothy 3: 1-13 … To study this passage, go to this link -

My Journal for Today: Okay, … today my chronological reading plan through the Bible leads me into the historical book of 2nd Samuel, where the chronicle of David’s trek to power in Israel is written; and these early chapters I was led to read this morning, 2nd Samuel, Chapters 1-4 are documenting the civil war which ensued between Israel in the north, led by several brothers who were vying for power in Israel and about David, who became King of Judah in the southern portion of God’s kingdom.

This civil war went on for a number of years after Saul’s death before David could solidify the rule for which he had been anointed by Samuel as a young boy to assume. But as the years wore on and David was jockeying for power, knowing and trusting that God would bring his rule and kingship into a reality, David forgot – or minimized - his responsibilities in the role of KING of God’s chosen and solidified peoples.

We remember from earlier studies that God did allow the people to have a king, following all the years when they were led by “Judges.” However, when God established the kingship of His people, He set some boundaries for those who would become KING; and those boundaries were delineated in God’s Law in the passage I have linked any fellow reader today from Deuteronomy 17: 14-20; and I would charge any reader here to review that passage with the link above.

When you do, and you review the highlight passage from 2nd Samuel 3: 1-5, as I did this day, it became apparent to me that David, in ignoring God boundaries for any who would become King, was setting himself up for troubles. Yes, David was a “man after God’s own heart;” however, he was not above letting his guard down and transgressing God’s charge of kingly discipline by taking many wives and very likely not living up to God’s commands to be in God’s Book of the Law daily. And as we know from later studies into God’s word, David would pay heavy penalties in his kingship and in his personal life for not maintaining the spiritual disciplines which God had charged anyone who would become King of God’s chosen peoples.

I bring this up with regard to the application of what it takes to become and remain a leader in God’s New Covenant Church. Above, I’ve linked any fellow reader to the passage in the New Testament, 1st Timothy 3: 1-13, where the criteria were laid out by God, through the Apostle Paul, for any who would become leaders in the Church under the New Covenant, i.e., Christ’s Church. And much like the rules and regulations for kingship under the Old Covenant, God is very strict about who would become a leader of His people, ... a Pastor, Elder, Bishop, Minister, Overseer, or Deacon, … i.e., any church leader, … under the New Covenant.

Being a called and ordained Elder and Minister in God’s New Testament church, I shudder to think what an affront it would be to God for me to claim the role of leadership in God’s church without doing all I could to maintain a right relationship with God by living up to God’s own rules, if you will, for His leadership. Most certainly I know that my leadership capabilities would be compromised and most certainly dampened by any transgressions from God’s standards of leadership; and that’s exactly what would ultimately happen to David in his later years as the anointed King of God’s people.

Today, in my studies, I was led to be reminded and solidify my commitment to live up to – as much as I’m capable – those standards of leadership God has forged in his word for those of us who are called and ordained to lead in His church. And may God grant us (and me, personally) His grace in leading His people for His glory.

My Prayer Today: … Oh, Lord, help me to live by Your established standards of leadership as You impart Your enabling grace to leaders in Your church. Amen

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