Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012 … Common Men Do Uncommon Work for God

Passage of the Day: Reference of Today’s Chronological Bible Study: 1st Chronicles, Chapters 6 … To study this chapter, go to this link -

Highlight Passage: … 1st Chronicles 6: 49 ... But Aaron and his descendants were the ones who presented offerings on the altar of burnt offering and on the altar of incense in connection with all that was done in the Most Holy Place, making atonement for Israel, in accordance with all that Moses the servant of God had commanded. 

My Journal for Today: Today I was read “only” Chapter 6 in 1st Chronicles, which seemed like an easy assignment in my chronological Bible reading for this date; but getting into this chapter, as I’d charge you, who’re following along, to do as well, … one finds a chronicle of some critical and heavy-duty men whom God chose to carry out some very critical and out-there duties for God’s chosen people. Consider these: Moses, … Aaron, and … Samuel. And when one sees their names being listed in this heritage-listing of God’s people, it’s sort of like reading a “who’s who” of leadership in Israel when the nation of God’s children was formed.

But when one – like me – looks closer, though these men are giants in the pantheon of God’s book of faith, they are still just common men who were chosen to carry out their own uncommon calling in God’s kingdom. And when you really look at them, these men were not all that special when God called them out. Moses was a shepherd in the wilderness lands of Canaan. Aaron just happened to be a brother who was extremely loyal to Moses. And Samuel was just a child of promise. But look where God led them when they became surrendered and obedient to their Lord.

And that’s my point of application today. I am certainly not anything special as a man in God’s kingdom; but I need to realize that I am something special when I remember that God sent His only Son to save me from my self. And the Lord of all led me through all kinds of desserts of sinfulness to finally call me out for service in His kingdom. And like some of these men in 1st Chronicles 6, I have surrendered to do service in obedience to my Lord’s calling. So, though I may not be anything special in the eyes of mankind – and certainly not in my own eyes, I am something special to God and His kingdom.

And so are you, my dear one! Because if you’ve surrendered yourself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ; and you believe God has a purpose (i.e., a calling) for your life (which, of course, He does!), whatever you are doing within that calling, for the kingdom of God, is special in God’s eyes … just as special as a Moses leading God’s people across the sea in deliverance from Pharaoh, … or Aaron being a God’s priest, … or Samuel standing for God as His Prophet.

When any of us – just common folks in the family of God – are doing, OBEDIENTLY, what God has called us to do; and we’re doing it to the best of our abilities in the kingdom of God, WE ARE SPECIAL in God’s eyes! No, we may not be big names in the chronicles of God’s kingdom, like those listed in 1st Chronicles 6. OR … we may not have a big name in today’s kingdom chronicles, maybe names like a Billy Graham or a prominent name in your church, like that of your Pastor. But anyone who is doing what God called him or her to do for His glory is a common person making a BIG NAME for himself or herself in God’s kingdom book of service.

So, this meditation today has spoken loudly to me to just keep on, keeping on, doing what God has called me to do … day after day after day after day … for God’s glory.

My Prayer Today: … Lord, You called me to serve; and I will serve you today. Amen

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