Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015:  Alive With Hope

Daily Berry Patch Devotions in 2015 - Day 263

Devotional Song:  … GO TO THIS LINK …  Please take the time to take in a video of Gordon Mote singing the song, Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory, … declaring how we should live this life God has given us … to live and love for God’s glory. [Don’t miss this one!!!] 

Highlight Passage:   Ecclesiastes 9: 4 [NKJV]  … 
14 But for him who is joined to all the living there is hope, … 
…  All who live have hope … especially those in Christ
Highlight Context – Ecclesiastes 9: 4-12 [NKJV] … USE THIS LINK  …  
…  Life is a gift and we must use it for God’s glory … while we have it.

Reference Passage #1 - John 6: 47 [NKJV] … 
47 Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me has everlasting life. 
…  Yes, in Christ, we will have eternal life; but in this temporal life, we need to live it for the Lord.

Reference Passage #2 - Romans 12: 1-2 [NKJV] … USE THIS LINK
…  The gift of life should be lived as a living sacrifice to our Lord.

My Journal for Today:  Today’s Our Daily Bread author, Jennifer Benson Schuldt, relates a very personal story to illustrate her devotional entry. Schuldt writes … When I first began working in the small office I now rent, the only inhabitants were a few mopey flies. Several of them had gone the way of all flesh, and their bodies littered the floor and windowsills. I disposed of all but one, which I left in plain sight. That fly carcass reminded me to live each day well. Death is an excellent reminder of life, and life is a gift. 

That’s an interesting way to remind one of what Solomon wrote in his reflections on life in the book of Ecclesiastes (see highlight passage linked above). Life is a gift; and, as Solomon reflected, we need to use it for the purpose God gave life to us - to glorify Him. Yes, believing in Christ gives me eternal life (see John 6: 47); but we have this temporal gift of living as well; and we should use it for His purposes and for His glory.

 Yes … TODAY!!!

My Prayer Today:  Oh, my Lord, … Help me - lead me - to live for Your glory today.  … Amen

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