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March 9, 2014 … Discerning the Wolves

Daily Berry Patch Devotions in 2014 - Day 68

Devotional Song: Go to this link …  Please go to this video link to hearing three friends singing the poignant and powerful song, I Will Follow Christ, … declaring that in spite of all the ravenous false prophets in our midst we must recognize our Lord’s call and follow the Good Shepherd.

Highlight Passage – NKJV: Matthew 7: 15 [NKJV] …  
15 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
Highlight Passage [Context] – NKJV: 2nd Peter 2: 1-3; 12-19 [NKJV] GO TO THIS LINK  

Reference Passage #1: John 10: 7-14 [NKJV] … GO TO THIS LINK

Reference Passage #2: 1st John 4: 1-6 [NKJV]  [Especially note verse 1] … GO TO THIS LINK

My Journal for Today: It is said that the way the special agents of the Secret Service are trained to discern counterfeit money is to know the real currency so well that the counterfeit bills become apparent to them. In other words, by studying long-and-hard to know the real currency, the agents can more easily recognize the counterfeit bank notes. And that’s much the same method we need to employ in our lives as Christians; because as Jesus prophesied, and the Apostle Peter later taught (see today’s highlight passages), false (i.e., counterfeit) prophets will abound in our world, especially in the last days before Christ’s return; and they will be cleverly disguised, even counterfeiting themselves as “prophets of God” and “teachers of the word.”

But we need to able, as God’s flock, i.e., his “special agents,” to recognize the voice of deception and be able to discern the false spirits from the true teachers of the word (see 1st John 4: 1). And today many of these “wolves in sheep’s clothing” are like modern day Pied Pipers, deluding many to follow them down their paths of deception all the way to hell.

So, we, like special agents of the Secret Service, must be able to discern the false teachers from the real-deal truth sayers? And, like the Secret Service, we need to deeply study and know the truth (from God’s word) so well, that we can clearly and quickly recognize the very slickly disguised false teachers who try to present themselves as “prophets of god.” When we know God’s truth - COLD, it becomes obvious when a Bennie Hinn or any other wolf in sheep’s garb is out their passing himself off as a prophet of God. And we’ll see them as the counterfeits they are.

My friend, that’s why I’m here EVERY DAY, studying the real-deal truth of God’s word. And I pray that we all will be God’s secret agents, doing all we can to discern the counterfeit soothsayers who speak falsehoods under the guise of calling themselves ministers or teachers of the Gospel truth.

My Prayer for Today … Lord, help any of us who seek after Your truth to be able to discern clearly the counterfeit from the real in this world. … Amen

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